The stepping stone to success

Like most people from rural Maharashtra, Sakharam Sampat Ingle too comes from a family of farmers. His parents both work as farm labourers in Pudiyal Mohada village in Jiwati, Chandrapur.

As labourers, they couldn’t save any money to provide Sakharam with fees for continuing his education. But Sakharam didn’t give up and we were happy to help. With a scholarship from us, he was able to continue his college education. His college lecturer helped him get a job as a lab assistant in the college which helped him bring in a salary of Rs. 1800 per month. With this salary and our scholarship, Sakharam finished his B. Sc in 2016.

Later he studied competitive exams for a year and came back to Chandrapur to start a coaching institute for competitive exams. Today, he also works as a lecturer at Sambhaji Brigade college in Chandrapur. Here is looking forward to seeing Sakharam help more and more students carve their futures in competitive exams.

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