Empowering a handicapped Young Lady

Being disabled is a terrible experience, especially when you have a challenged husband too.
30-year-old Mrs.Savita Nitesh Khichi is a handicapped, polio-affected lady. They live on rent of Rs3K in Yavatmal.
Nitesh Jayaraj Khichi Age 36 is her husband who is mentally slow and has to be supported. They have a beautiful daughter Aaradhya Nitesh Khichi aged five years.
The Mother-in-law, Mrs. Sunita Jayaraj Khichi 59 years also stays with them.
The death of Jayaraj Khichi six months ago, (Father in law), was a shock to the family.
Savita despite being a disabled person used to support her family by giving tiffin boxes but since her operation failed, she has been disabled since last month, and she just dragged herself.
Nitesh Jayaraj Khichi her husband, is also a depression patient and is trying to come out of depression.
Now with the introduction of a Gas-powered press and the low cost of a cabin, both photos attached, they feel they would be able to earn a living.
They have requested Shivprabha for 60K to enable them to support themselves.
We need to raise 60K so that they can be empowered and start earning 500/600 per day.

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