From darkness to light

Shishir V Mandya

Founder Trustee and Secretary
[email protected]

Shishir is a former management executive with an American MNC. He has been on the committees of various foundations for over 30 years, and is a trustee of the Mane Medical Foundation and Saidham Hospital. He is also the Chief Editor of Rise for India, a website dedicated to giving Indians a platform to voice their issues and share positive stories from their daily lives.

Shishir believes that social giving is not about money but about the time one is able to invest in causes close to the heart. Shishir spearheaded the Farmer’s club, the Agricultural Research and Training division and the female entrepreneurship project.

In 2008, when Shishir was the CSR head of an MNC he met Amol. It didn’t take too many interactions for him to see that Amol was a kindred spirit who reflected Shishir’s commitment to social equity. The universe conspired to ignite a partnership that has meaningfully touched thousands of lives.