Save 2 villages from drought

Summer has been casting a brutal shadow across much of India. And as has been the case for many years now, interior Maharashtra has borne the brunt of this relentless heat. Many parts of Maharashtra have been reeling under drought conditions and as many as 29000 villages have been declared drought-prone.

The state government has been trying to provide relief everywhere but for many reasons have not been able to reach every location. Like the villages of Bhogaon and Delup Khurd in Ardhapur. In our cities, we are lucky to get water at home. All we need to do is open our taps. But in these villages, there is no water. No water for drinking, no water for cooking, no water for bathing. The situation is so dire many villages have migrated to the nearest town, Nanded, which itself is reeling under a water crisis of its own.

We received an SOS from two of the village residents, asking for help in procuring tanker water for 10 to 15 days. They need 2 tankers of water daily, at a cost of Rs. 2000 per day. With just Rs. 20,000, we can procure enough water to help these villages survive for 10 days, in which time government relief should arrive or better yet, the rains.

Clean water is every human’s fundamental right and we need your help to ensure residents of Bhogaon and Delup Khurd are not deprived of this life-sustaining right.

Thanks to our well-wishers, we’ve managed to raise Rs. 20000 to help the residents of Bhogaon and Delup Khurd.

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