Help Tanvi Deshmukh with her special needs schooling

₹5,000 of ₹27,000 raised

Meet Tanvi Deshmukh. At the age of 7, she has already seen more hardships in life than most people see in a lifetime. Unable to hear and speak, Tanvi lost her father in 2015 following a dengue attack. Inspite of all this, Tanvi still approaches life with all the eagerness and curiosity of any child her age and with a smile that can light up a million dark nights.

Tanvi’s father was a marginal farmer from Soundali village in Dariyapur. After his death, Tanvi and her mother Mayuri moved to Akola to where they stay with Tanvi’s uncle Yogesh. This move was necessary because of the treatment Tanvi needs for her condition. Now, they stay in a small, single-room house where Mayuri works on a friend’s sewing machine to meet their daily needs.

Because Tanvi’s condition requires special schooling and constant care at home, it is nearly impossible for Mayuri to pursue full-time employment. For the past two years, we at Shivprabha have been supporting Tanvi’s education. This year again Tanvi needs special schooling and the school fees come to Rs. 20,000. Along with this, if we could raise enough funds to buy Mayuri a sewing machine, it will ensure they can keep a steady income coming which will help them become self-sufficient also. Mayuri has already taken sewing training and is confident and capable of using a sewing machine to secure her and Tanvi’s future.

All we need is your help to raise Rs. 27,000 to ensure Tanvi can meet her special school needs and Mayuri can get the help she needs to stand on her own feet.

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