Help Swati pay school fees for her son

₹4,000 of ₹25,000 raised

Swati Kathe was living happily with her husband Sunil, daughter Kritika and son Aayush. A regular, everyday happy Indian family with their daily joys and sorrows and laughter and memories. Unknown to Swati though, Sunil was already married before he married Swati. Suddenly in December 2018, Sunil left Swati, Kritika and Aayush and went to his first wife’s house.

Desperate from the shock of seeing her family shattered, Swati also had to suddenly come to grips with fending for her and her family by herself. Till now, her husband was the sole breadwinner for them and Swati managed the house. But now, suddenly, she was faced with the challenge of having to fend for her family while simultaneously dealing with the shock of betrayal.

With only a class X education, formal employment opportunities were very limited for Swati so she decided to start a tiffin service to ensure she was self-reliant. Her orders for 6 tiffin boxes are nowhere near enough to manage their household expenses, much less on education for her children.

Kritika studies in 9th standard and thankfully her tuition fees have been waived off. Aayush is in the 1st and his school fees of Rs. 25,000 have been pending since May. We need your help to ensure that we can pay Aayush’s school fees for this year while Swati finds a way to land on her feet.

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