Help Anita educate her daughters

Most urban parents you meet will tell you how tiring parenting is even when both parents are actively involved and even with just one child. And then there is also how expensive parenting can get, covering just the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter.

Imagine then the plight of 36-year-old Anita Dukare whose husband Santosh Dukare, a landless farm labourer, passed away in 2014, leaving Anita responsible for their 7 daughters.

Anita’s eldest daughter, Nikita, is in Class 10 and stays at a hostel in Ahmednagar. Despite all odds being stacked against her, Nikita is an excellent student. Her sisters, Tejaswini in Class 9, and Deepali in Class 7, also stay at hostels. Anita’s 4 child, Nikita, is in Class 5 right now and stays with relatives. Her youngest three kids – Rupali in Class 4, Rutika in Class 3, and Samiksha in Anganwadi, all stay with Anita.

A farm labourer herself, Anita is struggling to even manage a single one of the basic necessities for each of her children. It is very difficult to get continuous work in her village – Nanand Khurd in Yavatmal – and when she does get work, she manages to earn not more than Rs. 100 per day.

Inspite of all her struggles, Anita is determined to ensure her daughters finish their schooling and we are in awe of her determination. All she needs is a little support from a few people to ensure she can succeed.

Nanand Khurd is a small village of about 100 families and doesn’t have an Atta Chaki. This, along with goat farming, are the options we’re considering to help Anita stand on her own and ensure her children are able to stand with their mother. Anita needs only Rs. 40000 to begin her journey towards self-sustenance. With your help, she can reach there faster.

Thanks to our well-wishers, we’ve managed to raise Rs. 40000 to start Anita’s entrepreneurial journey.

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