From darkness to light

Amol Sainwar

Founder & President
[email protected]

The story of Shivprabha is inherently the story of its founder, Amol Sainwar. Amol’s tryst with social giving began in 2000 when he won a cash prize for excellence in academics. Most 22-year olds probably would have spent the money on a personal wishlist. Amol, however, promptly have 50% of his prize money away to his college library so they could purchase a set of prep books for the GATE exam for needy students.

Social giving is hardwired into Amol’s DNA. An engineer by training and a project management consultant by trade, he has spent most of his adult life driving telling change across rural Maharashtra. In 2007, he founded the HOPE Society with a few friends to support economically impoverished students with academic potential from rural communities.

Fuelled by the difference being made to hundreds of young lives, he founded Shivprabha to give the initiative national scope and extend outreach to sectors beyond education. Amol is a trustee of the Dr Mane Medical Foundation and Research Centre, Rahuri. His work has been recognised and commended many times over. At 35, he was one of the youngest recipients of the prestigious Rajura Bhushan award. Amol believes that educational, health, economic and environmental equity are the only way forward if we are to manifest meaningful change.